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Episode #138 Why You May be Seeing Your Weight Fluctuate on the Scale

Episode #138 Why You May be Seeing Your Weight Fluctuate on the Scale

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In this episode, I’ll be talking about why the scale may be fluctuating on a daily basis and whether or not you are losing FAT or WATER…this is important in order for you to see sustainable results.

Some reasons the scale may be fluctuation are:

Factors like sodium and carbohydrate intake, exercise, food intake, bowel patterns, a person’s menstrual cycle, medications, and alcohol can all contribute to daily swings in the number on the scale.

Most importantly would be WATER RETENTION and I am going to be going into a few reasons you may be retaining…you might want to know this if you are someone who sees a daily fluctuation.

Here are some common reasons that we experience water retention, other than eating a salty meal:

  • The menstrual cycle
  • Birth control
  • Elevated stress, which could be caused by:
    • Lack of sleep
    • Emotional stress
    • Trauma
    • Exercising (fluid retention in the muscles to help protect and heal micro-tears in the muscle tissue after exercise)
    • Over-exercising
    • A caloric deficit

I go into detail on the hows and whys of all of these so be sure to listen…there is NOTHING wrong with seeing the scale fluctuate a few pounds here and there.


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