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Episode #135: Is Your Doctor’s Weight Loss Advice REALLY Healthy?

Episode #135: Is Your Doctor’s Weight Loss Advice REALLY Healthy?

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In this episode, I get SUPER EMOTIONAL on all levels about the weight loss advice some of these doctors are giving out.

I have to come clean here and I MUST get this out there. I am shocked at the number of DOCTORS that prescribe a diet plan to their patients that is VERY UNHEALTHY, in fact, it kind of sort of encourages disordered eating and can lead to eating disorders.

It actually makes me sad that this is even happening…and this story I am about to share, with permission from a client, was “advice” from a fricking WEIGHT LOSS CLINIC!! It breaks my heart how many women have come to me with VERY similar stories. We TRUST these doctors to have HEALTH in their best interest but I’m not seeing it with the strategies they are using to “help” their patients lose weight.

It’s just another quick fix packaged differently ( I SAID WHAT I SAID). Don’t fall for it ladies.

You’ll have to excuse me because I kind of went off in this podcast and got a LITTLE emotional…so you know that means I was dropping F-Bombs left and right.

PLEASE… I beg of you, before you take the advice on weight loss from your doctor, listen to this podcast and do some research before you make any decision. While you may see some weight loss with these programs, it does NOT in one way promote TRUE health because it can lead to MANY unhealthy habits along the way.

Always ASK questions, ALWAYS know what you’re taking, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS listen to your body.

These are my clients exact words and it broke my heart reading them.

“I am your poster child Melanie. I have issues with Everything. I have done all the things you speak of. Your talks resonate to my soul. I will share how I fell into another hole just last year.

Doc refers me to a weight loss center. I’m obese. (Doc supervised, good thing right) Medicine, not one but two (not a big med taker)to help appetite and metabolism, BMI check. 1000-1200 calories a day. Intermittent fasting. Carb limit.

I was diligently lifting 3x a week and walking on alternate days. I was losing a pound a week. I did lose 25 lbs in about 5 1/2 months. When I questioned 1000 calories not being enough. They said it was ok. I said. The amount I’m eating and my exercise should be more a week. I don’t think I’m eating enough. No, they said you, in essence, have abused your body for so long your metabolism isn’t efficient. It will improve but they don’t know when it will kick in. Here take another pill or an injectable. Didn’t do it.

The aha moment is after 5 months, they did another BMI again. I had only lost 4 pounds of fat. I was like WHAT? What did I lose then? Water, muscle. Muscle which I have been trying so hard to attain to help me. After I stopped, 20 lbs came flooding right back on. I struggle because I’ve always failed. Never learned my lesson. Until Now!! 60 years old. Have I caused so much damage that weight loss isn’t attainable? My body won’t do what it needs to work efficiently anymore. Lack of knowledge and a Lifetime of abuse…. Can I ever make up for that? I am making better decisions, reading labels. Doing your class. Just wanted to share. I feel defeat and embarrassment.”


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