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Episode #130: Diet RED FLAGS You Should Be Aware Of

Episode #130: Diet RED FLAGS You Should Be Aware Of

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In this episode, I’m revealing 5 DIET RED FLAGS you should be aware of. 

Diets have such tricky and tempting marketing tactics and they definitely play on our insecurities. Heck, some even sound too good to be true! If that’s the case…RUN!

Always ask yourself if what you’re about to do or have done has been or will be sustainable. I can guess your answer will most likely be NO!

Don’t be fooled by these..


  • You certainly cannot eliminate Whole Food group for the rest of your life ( unless it’s something that makes you ill)
  • Exact meal plans are not a one size fits all and NOT sustainable.
  • Don’t get me started on the magic shakes and miracle fat burners…not gonna work!
  • Let’s stop labeling food as good and bad…this is the number one reason for guilt and shame when it comes to eating.
  • Quick, fast results…

Real change takes time. Sustainable weight loss comes from fat loss and these quick fixes will only result water weight loss.

If you’re done with quick fixes and ready to end the struggle with weight loss without going on another restrictive diet, I’m here for you. DM me and let’s chat.

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