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Episode #127: The Dark Side of My fitness Pal and other Fitness Trackers

Episode #127: The Dark Side of My fitness Pal and other Fitness Trackers

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Do you use fitness trackers? Did you know they have a dark side?

I’ll be talking about the dark side of these apps such as My Fitness Pal…Could tracking calories and macros every day hurt more than help, or even sabotage your diet completely? You’d be surprised.

Sure, they’re great to keep track of your progress and your macros. It’s a great feeling when you get all of your rings to coles or even get a little award for kicking butt on your progress for that day…BUT…there might be potential for a negative side..Let me just say, there IS a negative side.

I’ll be talking about the downfalls that some of these trackers can have on us. I can remember being quite obsessed with the numbers myself not too long ago and it led to a VERY unhealthy relationship with food and exercise.

Here are just a few symptoms that might raise some red flags that I will be addressing:

  1. Body image concerns (a strong risk factor).
  2. Restrictive eating in an attempt to change body weight or shape.
  3. Low self-esteem
  4. Major preoccupation with body weight and shape to the point it dominates your thoughts and lives.
  5. Binge Eating

If you’re checking off ANY of these boxes and saying, that’s totally me, then you may want to analyze whether the way you’re using tracking apps is helping you or contributing to hanging on to or even aggravating those symptoms. ALSO, you may want to listen to what it is doing to our CHILDREN!!!

PLEASE, I beg you to listen to this podcast, if not for you BUT for your children. You may just be surprised at what you are about to hear.


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