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Episode #121: Mom Jeans, Dad Jeans and Everything in Between

Episode #121: Mom Jeans, Dad Jeans and Everything in Between

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Ever wonder WHY you can’t quite find a great pair of jeans that fit just right???
Because they kind of suck…which is what I’ll be talking about in this episode…
Jeans are not a one size fits all…

  • Got thick thighs?
  • Large calves?
  • A small waist?

JEANS WILL NOT FIT YOU. This makes shopping for jeans an absolute nightmare.
Why are there so many different styles?

  • Skinny jeans.
  • Boyfriend jeans. …
  • Straight cut…
  • Bootcut jeans. …
  • Flare jeans. …
  • Jeggings. …
  • Low rise jeans. …
  • High-waist jeans.
  • Relaxed
  • Boot cut
  • Mom jeans
  • Dad jeans
  • Stretchy jeans

Just to name a few

Want to bend over? I hope you’ve got a belt. Riding a bike? NOT TODAY! Sitting down?? You must be in the mood to pop a button!

They leave lines in your legs, you have to keep pulling them up

I try on 7 or 8 pairs only to end up leaving empty-handed and PISSED.

Is there something WRONG with my body?

Why the hell is every pair different and why the hell does my body not fit into these jeans??

You’d think they should be made for OUR bodies and not the other way around.

Seems when they don’t fit us, we feel like shit and end up hating and shaming ourselves wondering why the hell none fit, and think we need to conform our bodies by making them smaller in some way just to FIT into their jeans…sound familiar??

..fuck the jean makers.

There is NOTHING wrong with our bodies and EVERYTHING wrong with the fit of these asshole jeans.

It’s not you, the jean cuts and sizes do NOT make sense and I don’t think there is a single woman out there who hasn’t had this complaint a time or two before.

Let me know if you’re feeling me here!!

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