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Episode #119: How to Work on Loving Your Body…

Episode #119: How to Work on Loving Your Body…

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In this episode, I’m getting a little up close and personal with you about a post I saw on FB that hit me right in the feels.

Link to original post:

As I read it, it really hit me and I KNOW I am not the only one who felt exactly what Lovely In the Dark explained in her words on growing up as a teenager in the 90s and having difficulties knowing how to love her body.

As someone who went to an all-girls high school, I felt the comparison part HARD!! In this podcast, I revealed a bit about that and a few statistics about where today’s teens are at.

Most importantly, I brought up a few great tips on how we can start loving our bodies more instead of bashing them IT HURTS!!

You were not put on this earth to hate, shame, or belittle your body…it’s time we learn to LOVE ourselves and you can start right here by listening to this podcast.

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