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Episode #118: More Unfiltered Thoughts and FACTS About How the Diet Industry Creates a Culture of Dependency

Episode #118: More Unfiltered Thoughts and FACTS About How the Diet Industry Creates a Culture of Dependency

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It seems we have become a society that is VERY dependent on the diet industry…and THEY JUST EAT IT UP!!

In this episode, I’m giving a few unfiltered thoughts and FACTS about how the diet industry has created a culture of dependency and what it is actually doing to our health.

Sorry, not sorry but I do call out a few companies in this one. NOT for my gain BUT for YOUR HEALTH! These companies should be ashamed of themselves for how they are promoting weight loss and calling it “healthy”. It is FAR FROM THAT and I’m telling you exactly why.

Diets are failing us yet we are the ones conditioned to think it is our own fault. Not enough willpower, we’re weak. Tell me any other company or product that is failing 98% of the time and STILL has us believing it is our fault!?!? I’ll wait….

Yet, each and every time we “fall off the wagon” we beat ourselves up because we think we have failed, yet again. Over and over we set out in search of the “only” thing that will make us feel better…ANOTHER DIET! WHY? Because there will ALWAYS be one waiting there for us with the promise of a thinner, better, “healthier”, happier and better life…

…And they fail us over and over again!!

I’m not sure WHY this BS is not illegal yet. Seriously, I’m just going to keep exposing them and how they are not only causing damage to our physical and mental health BUT I’m also going to start calling them out by name.

Diets are ineffective when it comes to sustainability AND THEY CAN BE DOWNRIGHT HARMFUL!! All this on again off again can wreak havoc on our physical and mental well-being as I stated above Dieting can also be associated with an increased risk of disordered eating, body image issues but we just want that number on the scale to be lower and we are not seeing the big picture.

Let me just expose that for you because you were not put here on this earth to constantly be on a diet.

If you’ve had enough of the weight loss struggle and the failed diets that make YOU feel like a failure then you’ll want to consider this podcast your ticket off the emotional yo-yo diet rollercoaster. It doesn’t have to be this way, I promise!!

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