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Episode #54: Are LOW CALORIE diets worth it?

Episode #54: Are LOW CALORIE diets worth it?

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In this episode, I’m about to lay down the law and give my 2 cents on these low-calorie diets. If you have been following me, you already know what I think of diets BUT, THIS…THIS 1200 calorie B.S. is just insane.

Sadly, I used to be one of those 1200 calorie followers until I realized what it was doing to my health, physically, and emotionally. It wasn’t worth it. ALL FOR A SMALLER SIZE?


Let me just give you a quick little run down of what can actually go on in your body when you do these little low calorie, restrictive diets:

Malnutrition: You are starving your body of the nutrients it needs and this can lead to a whole whirlwind of health issues.

Such as…
* Hair loss
* Weight gain
* Muscle loss
* Digestion issues
* Emotional issues
* Hormone imbalances
* Skin issues
And much more that I mention in this podcast…see you inside…

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