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Episode #48: Why Waiting to Reach Your Goal Weight Can Be a Problem

Episode #48: Why Waiting to Reach Your Goal Weight Can Be a Problem

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I often ask my clients what their “goal weight” is when I first consult with them. This gives me a ballpark figure of where they want to go and how to reach their goal.


There’s a little problem with this “goal weight” and waiting to reach it…

In this episode, I’ll be diving into WHY waiting for your goal weight can become a problem.

I get it, your goal weight is this magical place where you finally get the body you’ve always dreamed of. Once you get to your goal, you’ve made it. Once you get to your goal, all the happy things finally fall into place for you.

You get to finally wear that outfit you’ve been waiting to fit into. You can go on vacation. Wear a bathing suit.

It’s almost as if once you get to goal weight you’re unstoppable. You’ll no longer have the weight holding you back from living the life of your dreams…BUT how in the world can it be a problem??

It’s more so what you’re missing out on while WAITING to hit that “goal weight”

Let’s talk about the issue with the whole concept of “goal weight” and what could happen IF you don’t quite reach that goal.

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