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Episode #47: Weight Loss Mistakes That Can Slow Your Metabolism

Episode #47: Weight Loss Mistakes That Can Slow Your Metabolism

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You’re doing ALL THE THINGS…eating clean, exercising…BUT you’re not quite seeing the number on the scale go down. What’s the deal?

If the scale is stuck despite your healthy eating, add walking, jogging, dancing, or strength training to your routine, it’s possible your metabolism has slowed down for one reason or another.

In this episode, I’m going to tell you a few mistakes you may be making that are causing your metabolism to slow down. I’ll be giving a few tips on how you can make some small changes to BOOST YOUR METABOLISM and start seeing results.

Things like:
What you are eating and drinking and whether you are getting enough of the RIGHT nutrients. There are many things we try when it comes to losing weight but these are SUPER IMPORTANT and they might just be the missing link to your success.

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