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Episode #39: You did NOT fail your last diet…the Diet Failed YOU!

Episode #39: You did NOT fail your last diet…the Diet Failed YOU!

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Too many times we feel like we have failed our diet…time and time again.
In this episode, I’m debunking that “myth” that you “fail” your diet because you do not have willpower or motivation…THE DIET IS FAILING YOU!

Sadly, we keep looking for another one to “fix” us.

When your phone fails to work properly, do you blame yourself?
When your car goes on the fritz do you blame yourself?

Are you picking up what I’m putting down here?
We would blame the product in this case. Yet, when it comes to a diet and whether or not it works, we blame OURSELVES!!!.

Let’s discuss HOW and WHY to stop blaming yourself and how to start seeing actual results from your weight loss efforts…without feeling guilty, ashamed or like a failure.

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Hey there, I'm Melanie. I help women DITCH THE DIET MENTALITY and reclaim their health through mindful eating, hormone balancing, stress management, and digestive healing.

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