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Episode #35: 8 Surprising Reasons You Might Be Gaining Weight

Episode #35: 8 Surprising Reasons You Might Be Gaining Weight

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What’s up with the weight gain?
You’re working out, watching what you’ve been eating but you just can’t seem to see any changes on the scale. You’re frustrated and ready to throw in the towel, again.

It might be time to dive a little deeper into what else might be going on.
We’re about to dive into that in this episode. I know how frustrating it can be when you’re doing all the things and are NOT seeing and results…AND you might even be watching the numbers on the scale go up.

I’ll be talking about a few other factors, 8 to be exact, that might just be causing you to gain weight and believe it or not, they have nothing to do with “going on a diet”!

The point of me putting this all out there is to open people’s minds to just a few of the reasons you may be seeing unexplained weight gain. It’s possible that by addressing these issues, you may not need to go on another DIET!!

At the end of the day, you have the ability to work on any one of these areas above. Imagine what a few small changes can do to you. You are in control and YOU can do it!! You’ve got this.

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Hey there, I'm Melanie. I help women DITCH THE DIET MENTALITY and reclaim their health through mindful eating, hormone balancing, stress management, and digestive healing.

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