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Episode #25: How to Handle Stress and Weight Gain

Episode #25: How to Handle Stress and Weight Gain

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Stress and Weight Gain

Are you stressed out? Do you know that your stress and how you handle it can cause you to gain weight? Let’s talk about stress and weight gain.

In this episode I’ll be diving into the common mistakes we are making, without even being aware, that may be causing stress and weight gain. I dive a little into the role HORMONES plays in all of this stress/weight gain area. I will also give tips and advice on how to handle this said stress and see the results you deserve from your weight loss efforts.

Most importantly, I will talk about how to stop the weight gain from stress.


References from the podcast:

* Stress-Reducing Supplements
Good quality supplements have the potential to dramatically improve your results if taken correctly and for a sufficient amount of time. Trust me on this one, I know from experience and I’ve found some pretty high-quality supplements that have dramatically changed my life and helped reduce my stress levels.
These supplements, called adaptogens, have many studies showing that they can alter cortisol (3), but that they can also promote weight loss by increasing muscle mass and by reducing recovery time post work out.
Supplementing with high-quality supplements such as ashwagandha or Rhodiola may be the boost your body needs.


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