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Lower Back Pain Episode 5: The Importance of Second Opinions

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Are you a person who gets second opinions?

Do you search your illness on GOOGLE and think you’re dying?

Listen up, I was told in November that I needed surgery for a “severe” pinched nerve in my back. SERIOUSLY, I think not dude! I was in no way prepared for any type of surgery let alone was I prepared to actually be told I needed it. The amount of pain I was in would have naturally made me think that surgery would be the pain resolving solution BUT I knew better. I knew that I had alternatives and I was about to look for some.

I had acupuncture in my head as an alternative, I had seeing another doctor to see what my other options were as another alternative. SURGERY was NOT an option in my mind.

SOOO, I looked a little further and found my second opinion, it wasn’t a surgeon that’s for sure. As luck would have it, I found a doctor that would HELP me and EDUCATE me on my back pain.

So today I am sharing with you WHY you should ALWAYS get a second opinion, no matter what.

Here’s #1 reason WHY I wanted a second opinion:

I didn’t feel comfortable with the doctor and that’s totally ok. If you don’t feel comfortable with a doctor who has “diagnosed” you with a medical condition DO NOT go with what they are suggesting. Maybe you don’t feel that your physician is listening to your questions and concerns or providing enough information for you to make an informed decision. I honestly didn’t feel this doctor was listening to me at all. I felt like he just wanted to cut on me and get it over with and I wasn’t having it at all!!

I didn’t feel the diagnosis he gave me was definitive. I didn’t feel he was looking at my assessment in an honest manner. His goals weren’t meeting my goals as far as me not wanting surgery and he gave me no other option. Sometimes,  a second opinion can change the diagnosis and achieved a better outcome. Which is exactly what happened with me.

REMEMBER: There’s more than one “right” treatment. 


People with chronic back pain may have a choice of physical therapy, lifestyle modifications like losing weight, and medication to reduce pain or surgery. A second opinion can help you decide which treatment is most appropriate for your particular situation. Did you know that only about 5% of people with lower back pain ACTUALLY need surgery and SOMETIMES the surgery doesn’t even work, that was my biggest fear.

PLEASE, if you are not comfortable with the first diagnosis go for a second or even a third opinion. Find a doctor that understands your goals as far as what you’re looking for as a solution to your diagnosis and discuss your options. Be sure the doctor is willing to talk things out with you and EDUCATE you on your options.

Find a doctor that can treat you and EDUCATE you on your condition. I will be forever thankful that I found Dr. Del Real. I have learned so much about my condition and how what works and what doesn’t as far as my pain issues. When I actually told him of my visit with this surgeon he asked me WHY I didn’t question the doctor more on his surgical diagnosis. Never be afraid to question your  medical providers when they are giving you a diagnosis that you’re not comfortable with. I wish I would have questioned this guy more in hindsight. But, it’s not even necessary now.


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I am attaching a link to Dr. Del Real’s blog where he gives a bit more insight on getting a second opinion..from a doctors point of view!! Click here >>>  5 Things your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You about Back Pain

I highly recommend reading it.

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