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Lower Back Pain Causes

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When it comes to lower back pain, or any back pain for that matter, it can stem from many different things. Everyone is different BUT pain is not fun either way. It can cause you to miss out on a lot of things in your life not to mention it can make you VERY unhappy. No one should have to live in pain and hopefully what I’m about to tell you over this next series will help in some way or another to ease your pain.

Sometimes, the cause of the pain is unknown. I myself, suffer from lower back pain and I actually have no clue what started it all 14 years ago BUT, I am here to tell you all about it and how I have lived through it all to be roughly 98% pain free as of today!!

There can be many different causes of back pain.  A back muscle strain or ligament strain is one of the most common causes of acute lower back pain. Lifting a heavy object, twisting, or a sudden movement can also cause sudden pain.

It can be easy to pinpoint the cause of sudden back pain. Moving boxes. A killer workout. Shoveling snow. But it can be more difficult to discover the reasons behind chronic back pain.

Low back pain is the second most common complaint heard by doctors.  85% of the US population had suffered from some type of lower back pain once in their lifetime.

Here are just a few common causes:

SPRAINS and STRAINS: A sprain represents a stretching or tearing of ligaments, while a strain represents a stretching or tearing of muscle or tendon. Both can occur as a result of improper lifting or simply lifting an object that is too heavy and can easily be treated with over the counter pain relievers and rest.

Degenerative Disc Disease: Usually a consequence of normal aging or trauma. This is when the disc between vertebrae (backbones) loses its elasticity. The disc loses its ability to cushion forces on the spine causing individuals to experience stiffness and lower back pain.

A ruptured, bulging or herniated,  disc is attributable to four percent of all causes of lower back pain. The flexible disc between the vertebrae, or backbones, becomes compressed and ruptures. As a result, increased pressure may be placed on the spinal nerves (lying behind the disc), which leads to lower back pain. Individuals may also experience lower extremity numbness and/or weakness.

Having a weak core. A strong core could combat an achy back. If your abs are weak, your lower back has to work harder, which can lead to back pain. Try plank, superman, or bird dog exercises, which engage your erector spinae, the muscle that keeps your spine erect and helps maintain correct posture, he says. Pay attention to your midsection throughout the day.

Whatever your back issue may be there is a time when you should know if it is serious enough to seek help from a professional. I suffer with 3 herniated discs myself. It got  to the point where I was unable to go about my daily activities as normal and the pain was just too unbearable. that’s when I decided I need to see someone. I started 14 years ago seeing a Chiropractor, I’ve gone through physical therapy, had a cortisone shot have continued with my monthly maintenance all this time. I was also told this past year that I needed surgery for a “severe pinched nerve”. Well, here I am today, no surgery as of this moment and none EVER if I can help it. I was lucky enough to seek a different opinion of a NON surgical doctor who had helped me to be able to function in my day to day activities without pain. Through the next few days I will be taking you on my journey as to how it all unfolded. I hope you all follow along with me. I’m going to tell my story, take you to the doctor with me, show you some exercises and stretches and we’ll finish off with a great core training from the doctor who started it all.

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