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How Long Should My Workouts Last?

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How long should you workout for each day? Well, what goals do you have?

The best exercise is the one that suits your lifestyle and you are likely to stick with. If you only have 1 hr 2 times a week and you know you will stick to it then go for it. If you have 30 min a day then go for that.

I always say even a 10 minute H.I.I.T workout is better than no workout at all. It comes down to your goals and what your life allows. It’s important to make time for your workouts but understand that you really shouldn’t need more than an hour start to finish.

If your workout is of higher intensity, you will NOT need a whole lot of time to feel the effects. Lower intensity type workouts can last a longer. Again, it’s all about what you’re looking to achieve in the long run. Here are a few quick workouts that you can do if you are short on time that will get you a full body workout in no time. CLICK HERE



There is no ideal time as to how long you should, there’s no rule book to say how long you need or how intense you should be working out.

I’ve seen people at the gym for 2 to 3 hours at a time. I honestly don’t recommend that because I feel you are then defeating the purpose of the whole workout. You may be overdoing it.

When you start training, your testosterone levels are naturally boosted significantly higher than normal. This increased output peaks somewhere around a half hour into your workout.

And after sixty minutes your body will start to produce less testosterone and more cortisol, which is a hormone that eats muscle tissue and increases body fat storage.

When your workouts last for more than an hour, recovery from one session to the next may become more difficult. You need to listen to your body and give it the proper rest time to recover.

Ultimately, the length of your workout is all up to you but I highly recommend NOT going over an hour to get it all in. I just feel it’s not very beneficial. Remember, we’re looking to gain strength through our workouts, not beat the daylights out of ourselves by doing more than our bodies can handle.

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