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Inspiration with Steve Harvey

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I always love watching Steve Harvey on television. Not only is her funny, he is very inspirational. I’ve read his books and I listen to his podcasts.


I wanted to share this one with you. He talks about the process of becoming successful and the process of it all. I love how he compares it to the coffee bean and fresh brewed coffee.

We all know success doesn’t happen over night. RIGHT!?! You have to understand it’s a process and it takes time, it’s not instant. There is no short cut to success, it must be earned.

You have to work hard. Steve says there has to be a little DOG in it…You have to lock down on it like a Pitbull, you have to sniff it out like a blood hound.

Most importantly….Don’t let the process defeat you. Keep going


Take a listen to Steve’s words of inspiration


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