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How to Improve Your Body Confidence

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hear it all the time. Women I work with tell me they hate their bodies. I know the feeling, I really do.  We all struggle to tone their inner thighs, decrease belly fat, and get back into shape after not working out for years or right after child birth. I also hear from women who are in great shape, but are dissatisfied with their bodies. This needs to stop. See, we’re all the same here, we’re all human. NO one is perfect but in learning to improve our body confidence we can get past these insecurities and love ourselves.



Here are some great tips on how to have confidence in your body image:


Know you’re not alone.

There are quite a few people who struggle with this so know that you are NOT alone when it comes to needing help improving your body confidence.

We’ve all looked in the mirror and wished we had tighter things, a flatter stomach, maybe straighter teeth or a rounder butt. This is not uncommon for us women to feel this way.

For some reason we think that if our body is better, then we will be better. We tie so much of our acceptance, our love, and our overall happiness to how we feel we look.

 It’s not always about a LOOK

I know we think if we could just LOOK better, we’d feel better. Remember this, it’s NOT always about a look. Your body does not define your value. It’s what’s inside of you that matters. We are our own worst enemies BUT in reality, we need to be our best friends and treat ourselves with love and appreciation. Know that you are more than just a look.

Acknowledge your true value

Quit hating on yourself and know your TRUE value. Your value is not measured in body fat or a number on a scale. Don’t let your value be defined by how you THINK you look, be positive and say positive things to yourself.

Your value is determined by what’s inside!

YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Remember that. Have confidence in who you are and the rest will fall into place. When you appreciate your body for what it allows you to do, you will see amazing changes.

Check out my Project Self-Love Course that I have just opened up to my friends. It may be just what you need 🙂


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