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Get What You Want Out of Life EPISODE 1: Get Out of Your Own Way

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I’m sure there are plenty of things you’d like to get done in life but you have a ton of reasons why you’re not getting them done. Maybe you think it’s your situation, the economy, lack of resources, your past. OR Maybe, you just don’t feel like doing it, so you simply just don’t do anything.

Many of these “reasons” are outside of your control. So, instead of focusing on things you can’t control, focus on the biggest barrier, the one which you have the most control over: YOU. Get out of your own way!! Quit robbing yourself of power and happiness.

I know you may be afraid or not know where to start when it comes to getting things done in life. There is fear of the uncertain, fear of failure and many other fears. You can let the fears hold you back or you can kick them to the curb. You have the power to change your thoughts. It’s all up to you!

The powerful you is waiting inside, behind the fears. All you need to do is flip the switch. Flip off the fears and flip on the powerful you, the person who loves a challenge, the person who isn’t afraid to take action. The person who have a vision.

I know there may be that opposing force inside of you trying to hold you back. We call this the comfort zone. Nothing extraordinary ever happens there. It’s normal to try and resist change. Resistance keeps your life in place, in that comfort zone. It’s time to live outside of your comfort zone.

Every day, you have the choice to stay where you’re at or move forward with your life. It’s all up to you. It’s time to face your fears and realize there is a bigger more powerful YOU waiting inside to make a difference out there.

There will always be that struggle, that struggle between the powerful you and the resisting you. Which will you choose?

Will the powerful you flip the switch and start taking action or will you continue to resist and stay comfy and wait and avoid the life that is waiting to be lived?

Here are 3 great things to remember when that resistance sets in:

Remember WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. What is the reason behind what you’re doing? When you know your reason and you tie it to an emotion, the powerful you will win over any resistance.

Think about the outcome. How will this make your life or the life of others different? Think about the powerful positive impact that will come from it all.

Focus on the important stuff. What will make the biggest difference and motivate you and give you the best outcome. Don’t stress over the little things.

When all is said and done, getting out of your own way isn’t as hard as continuing to make excuses and staying stuck where you’re at. You can get whatever you want out of life, all you have to do is change your thoughts and get started in the right direction. There will always be external things you can’t control. They suck, but focusing on them won’t do any good.  IT’s time to get more done and feel better about what you have accomplished. Get out there and live your life as you were meant to..with purpose!!


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