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Feeling Empowered? It’s time to go UNDEFEATED!

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Empowering Your Inner Strength.

YES, this is what I do. What does it mean?

Well, let me fill you in on a bit here. It means that I want to help YOU empower YOUR inner strength. I want to help you dig deeper.  I want to help people realize that they are not a victim of their circumstance. I know what it’s like to have the deck stacked against you with your health and fitness and succeed despite the odds not being in your favor. You can do what you set your mind to. My mission is to empower people to take control over their lives, to not settle for their “fate”, and to thrive because of their powerful inner strength. It’s time to be your own advocate and concur the limiting beliefs holding you back. If this is you, then I want to help you. I’m talking to you!

If I’m being real here, which I am, you need to realize that at the end of the day, we’re all pretty much the same. We’ve all had struggles, downfalls, hard times, and have given up a time or two before. I want to help you realize that YOU can push past all of it by empowering your inner strength.


Here’s a little secret I’m going to let you in on:





 Night time Binge Eater

Self Loathing


Bulging Discs

Yep. Not what you would think but it is. I’ve dealt with them all at one time or another. I’ve struggled with all those things and didn’t know how to cope, until now. It’s all a matter of being in control of your thoughts and actions. If you think this is you, then, listen up. You’re the person I want to be talking to. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still human and I still struggle but I have learned how to deal with it, some days better than others.  I still struggle horribly at times but I choose to be happy everyday. I take a step back when any of these issues come creeping in and figure out how to deal with it best..I take a look at where I am struggling and where I have slacked off in taking care of ME. I look at the big picture and realize that I am strong enough to push past it like I always have.  I know that I can succeed at what ever I put my mind to. And you know what? So can you. 

Doing all those things helps me love myself. Loving myself makes me a better mom, wife,sister, daughter, friend and coach. 

I speak with dozens of people everyday about the things they struggle with. Trust me when I say, “I totally understand what you’re going through.” I get it, I honestly do! I’ve been there. I’m speaking from experience. I’m telling you what has helped me….not what some book or teacher has told me to tell you. I also know there will be ups and downs. That there will be days you have it all together and that there are days when you feel like a complete hot mess…..and that’s ok! I get it and we can help each other.

Are you going through a tough patch? Has it been awhile since you felt like you were winning? Do you feel defeated? It’s time to take back that control over your life. It’a time to thrive  and reach for your powerful inner strength. It’s time to stop letting those limiting beliefs hold you back.It’s time to start controlling what you can control and start living the life you want to live. Let this blog post be the sign you were looking for. Make that change you know you need to make. Get back to be the VICTOR not the VICTIM.


Let’s do this together. Take a listen to my Facebook Live video where I talked more about Empowering Your Inner Strength.



If you have been inspired by my story, I am constantly looking for people who want to help me change lives by being a positive roll model. I find that helping people makes me even more accountable to myself.

Please take 3 seconds to share this article. If someone is tired of feeling defeated it just might change their life.









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