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You are Enough….it’s time we accept that.

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Ugh, I have stretch marks and scars on my stomach and it is flabby.

I don’t have thigh gap, my legs don’t fit into a pair of shorts. They’re all tight on my thighs. 

My arms jiggle too much.

I can still pick myself apart no matter what condition I’m in.

I always hated my stomach growing up because I’ve always had that “flab” no matter what my weight was and it’s even more of an issue now after 3 C- Sections and, well, life. 

But lately, I have received a few compliments that have made me stop and realize a few things. 

I had someone tell me that whatever I am doing with my arms to keep it up because my arms look great.  Seriously…It was a great thing to hear.

I have also heard that I look anorexic!??! Uhh, thanks, I think! I had to laugh that one off since I know I eat AND I am up 10 pounds on the scale in the last year.

Someone else asked me how long I had been “lifting” because I looked good.

I’m learning to accept these complements and learn from them. We see ourselves differently than others do. We are our own worst critics and that needs to change.

your best self

We always find fault in ourselves because we look through a fish eye magnifying glass at ourselves. But the reality is we don’t see ourselves as we really are.  We need to accept our journey and just stay the course of choosing a healthy fit lifestyle. Strength and appreciation will continue to climb.

We tend to beat ourselves up because we don’t look like this one or that one. When really, we need to accept ourselves and love ourselves for who we are. You never know who you’r inspiring by just being YOU!

I am slowly realizing that I  am perfectly IMPERFECT. Stretch marks and and scars, flab and all. Yes, I have them all.

Am I healthy? Yes. Healthier than I have ever been. Am I happy? Yes. Am I always a work in progress? Yes. Am I proud of how hard I work? Yes. Do I still eat fun foods (I love sweets)? Yes. Am I perfect? Absolutely NOT.

Focus on being the best YOU and don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t beat yourself up for not being who you think you should be or look like what you think you should look like.

If you can honestly say that you give it your absolute 100% effort in your workouts and eat healthy whole foods, then that’s all you can do. We are all different shapes and sizes, that’s what makes us who we are.


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