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How to Deal with Negative Body Issues Episode 5: My Story

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So there are a few reasons why I created this series on Negative Body Issues. One of them was to help other people who may be suffering from their body image and the other was to help me.

Yes, friends, I suffer from negative body issues now and then..sometimes more than others and I wanted to reach out there and let everyone know that it’s normal to feel this way, as long as you don’t stay there.

I hear many people say things I have said before, and talk about how they feel and I know exactly what it feels like.  I know what it feels like when someone gives you a compliment and you turn it into a negative. I know what it feels like to hate how I look in the mirror. I know what it feels like to change my clothes 5 times before I settle on what to wear.

I need daily reminders for myself to keep a positive attitude about my body. I wanted to share these reminders with others in hopes that it will open your eyes to see that you are beautifully imperfect just the way you were meant to be. You have to learn to appreciate and accept your body for what it is.


Love the Body You have We are so busy comparing ourselves to others when we should be loving ourselves for who we are. It’s time to be comfortable being you. Time to spend time focusing our awareness on what we LOVE about our bodies.

Rewire Your Brain and focus on the positive, not the negative thoughts. YOU have the power to change your thoughts and that’s where it all starts. What you think, you become.

Reevaluate Your Self Worth Self worth is the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person. Are you valuing yourself? You should be. You should be holding yourself and the love for yourself on a high pedestal.

Accept Your Body Being comfortable in your own skin is up to you. As I said in Episode 3, you have to learn that you are valued. It’s important to know that in order to accept your body. It all starts with what you say when you look at yourself. It is positive or negative?

Improve Your Body Confidence Life is too short to spend it hating on your body for what you think it is or isn’t. It’s time to accept your body and accept yourself. Quit being so negative and hard on yourself.


I hope that by going through this series you now can feel more confident and loving towards yourself. I want you to be able to look at your body and love it, see its beauty and be grateful each day for what it does for you and what it allows you to do.

Negative body image can be a serious problem. If you or someone you care about suffers from negative body image please seek help from a professional and stop the cycle of body hatred.




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