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How to Deal With Life When Crap Happens

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We all have to come to the understanding that CRAP happens. It happens to ALL of us and it stinks. The most important thing to remember when crap happens it that it all depends on how you deal with it that matters most.

You have to focus on becoming stronger and you fight through it all. You’ll come out a much stronger person in the long run. Don’t pull away and hide, lean it to it and push hard. You can do it, you’re stronger than you know.


Don’t use it as an excuse to give up, use it as a reason to push forward and vow to make it through the $#!+! Vow to push through it and live to tell about it, you never know who you may be helping by sharing your story. Own it and use it to impact others lives. Go out and share your $#!+ with other people and make an impact and PROVE what’s possible by sharing how you overcame it all.

It’s ok to vent and let it all out of you system. I find exercise and loud music help me vent. I feel much better after and I realize that maybe, the crap isn’t as bad as I think it is. Life does go on.

All of these things are put in our lives to test us and see just how tough we really are. Prove you are tough and learn from it all. Whatever happened, find a way to make it a learning opportunity.

Don’t dwell on it, improve from it all. The more time you can spend improving yourself and staying busy, the less time you can spend on destructive thinking that will destroy you.¬† As an added bonus, you get to transform into a better version of you.


Remember, it happens to all of us. Don’t let it define you. Handel it the best way you can and push past it one step at a time.



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