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Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

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Benefits of drinking lemon water

Lemons are loaded with nutrients, including vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and fiber.





Why put a lemon in your water?

It will give your immune system a boost.

Lemons are full of vitamin C!! Vitamin C is your immune systems jumper cables.

POTASSIUM- which is good for heart health as well and brain and nerve function.


Lemon juice aids in digestion by loosening toxins in your digestive tract, it helps relieve symptom of indigestion such as heartburn and bloating.


It helps flush out toxins in your body by enhancing enzyme function, stimulating your liver

Freshens your breath.

It also helps relieve toothaches and gingivitis.

Helps keep your skin blemish free.

It can also be applied to scars to reduce their appearance, along with wrinkles.

Helps you lose weight by reducing your hunger cravings.

Reduces inflammation by decreasing the acidity in our body. It also removes uric acid in your joints, which is the main cause of inflammation.

Gives you an energy boost. The scent along will brighten your mood.

Helps fight viral infections..throw some in your tea with a little honey to help with a cold.


benefits of drinking Lemon water



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