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5 Steps to take Care of Yourself Step 5: Speak Positive

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For some strange reason, people are sometimes inclined to beat themselves up with negative talk. Think about that for a second here. Why would we talk that way to ourselves but never to a friend?

Our words have the power to encourage or discourage, to build up or tear down. You get to choose how you want that all to play out. Do you want to speak words of discouragement to yourself or words of encouragement? There’s nothing wrong with talking positively to yourself. Be compassionate to yourself. Show yourself the same considerations you would a friend.

If you use self-talk to belittle yourself, minimize your achievements, or express doubt in your own abilities, how will that influence your sense of self worth? It obviously won’t produce beneficial results.

On the other hand, positive and encouraging self-talk will contribute to feelings of inner strength and self-respect, which will have a very beneficial effect on the way you view yourself and your personal potential.

Here are 3 awesome ways to practice POSITIVE self talk:

  1. Build Yourself Up

Quit tearing yourself down and speaking harshly to yourself.  Turn this around, you simply need to make a conscious choice to use self-talk to build yourself up as often as possible. Start a new habit of speaking encouragingly and expressing positive thoughts about yourself and your abilities. Speak to yourself in the same way you would speak to a good friend who is in need of support and encouragement. You would never call them names or say mean things to them, so don’t use self-talk to do those things to yourself either!

2. Be Your Own Cheerleader

Build yourself up instead of tearing yourself down. Don’t doubt your abilities, cheer yourself on and believe in yourself. Be proud of yourself and whatever you do.

3.  Love Yourself Unconditionally

Remember, no one is perfect and that’s perfectly OK. It is important that we love ourselves but for who we are. Love your uniqueness, your personality, your character traits and everything else that makes you who you are.

This all may seem a little weird in the beginning but, the more you allow yourself to feel your own love and approval, the better you will feel about your life.

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