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5 Steps to Take Care of Yourself Step 4: Be True to Yourself

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JUST BE YOU! don’t try to be something you’re not to impress others. It’s not worth it.

Have the courage to be true to who you are in a world that is so quick to measure you up and judge every move you make.  Never lessen the meaning of who you are. Never  be partial. Never live two different ways.

Being true to who you are is the only way to achieve inner peace and have true joy and happiness in your life. When you’re true to yourself you’re also true to other people.

Being true to yourself starts with knowing who you are and accepting yourself; knowing your strengths, passions, limitations and purpose in life and then living that way all the time. You come to know yourself only by living life. Finding what works for you. What defines you and makes you whole.

Don’t let others opinions keep you from being who you really are.  Be true to yourself and  act in accordance with who you are and what you believe. Have the courage to accept yourself as you really are, not as as someone else thinks you should be. Do not take action or pretend to be someone else for the sake of gaining acceptance .

To be true to yourself takes courage. It requires you to be honest, sincere, open minded and fair. It does not mean that you are inconsiderate or disrespectful of others. It means that you will not let others define you or make decisions for you that you should make for yourself.

Here are some great tips on being true to yourself:

  • Be who you are, be your genuine self
  • Follow your own value system and common sense
  • Listen to the advice of others, but make up your own mind
  • Recognize, appreciate, and develop your unique talents
  • Stand up for what you believe in and you will gain respect
  • Know that being ‘different’ is a gift and it’s perfectly OK
  • Understand that you are enriching others by being yourself


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