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5 Steps to Happiness Step 3: Enjoy the Journey, Not the Destination

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So often we focus so much on the finish line that we forget to enjoy the journey. Only te end up missing out on all the JOY you can actually find in the journey.

The only way to truly be happy in this case it to FIND THE JOY in the journey. Focus less on the outcome and have fun with all the experiences you have along the way.

I went on a 6 hour road trip with my 3 kids a few years ago, I DISLIKE driving VERY MUCH. So I guess you can say I pretty much just wanted to get to the destination ASAP!! Well, shortly after we set off on the road, my kids and I started playing music and sand along and danced like fools most of the ride.  We enjoyed the journey to say the least.

Life is very similar in this aspect, you can sing and dance along the ride or you can just focus on getting right from point A to point B. It’s up to you. Will you make it just about going through the motions or will you find joy in the process?


Don’t make the outcome more important than the whole journey, You will learn and experience so much on your journey if you just sit back and relax with it all.

The journey challenges you to grow and become a better person and to find joy in the process. The journey defines you, it is an important marker in your life and it reminds us we’re all travelers of some sort. We’re all on this journey of life. Your journey will teach you so much about life and show you how strong of a person you can be. It’s what you make of it all that is important.

What kind of journey have you been on lately and what has it taught you?

Remember to be happier about the journey and WHO you BECOME through it all.

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