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5 Steps to Happiness, Step 1 Own Your Own Happiness

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Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. At least, that’s what the definition says.

So where does it come from?

Does it come from that new house, that new car,that new outfit,  when you change jobs, when you fall in love, when you get married, when you get divorced, when you graduate, when you lose some weight, when you get you job promotion, then you will be happy!

If you’re looking for happiness in material things, you will constantly come up empty handed. Sure these material things bring you happiness, but most times it’s just temporary. We all want that instant gratification and seek for happiness in material things.

In all reality, YOU are responsible for what brings you joy. No one will do it for you and it certainly won’t just show up at your door.

Happiness comes from your heart NOT material things. You have to be happy from the inside. If you are expecting others to make you happy, you’ll always be disappointed. Happiness isn’t something that someone or something gives you. Happiness is a state of mind that is created from within.

People will come and go, possessions will get old, marriages work, marriages fail, new jobs do not pan out, relationships change. Things change.  So, how do you find real happiness and how do you hold on to that happiness so it does not easily escape your everyday living?

Real happiness comes to you by starting from where you are right at this moment in life. Not tomorrow, not some time “if” or “when” something “EXTRAORDINARY” happens. To be really happy you must appreciate what you already have, what is right in front of you, and learn to be grateful for everything you are and have. You must be content with things. Quit waiting for someone or something to make you whole or bring you happiness when all you have to do is open your eyes and look around you? It’s all in your hands. YOU are the solution.

Realize that life and happiness aren’t just about attaining something. It is all about enjoying the journey while reaching your destination. Learn how to detach yourself from the outcome and enjoy the ride while working on wherever it is that you want to go or whatever it is you want to have.


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