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What Happened When I Stopped Going on a Diet

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What happened when I stopped going “on a diet”!

I can remember going on diets left and right, trying to find the right one to rid me of those last 5 or 10 pounds or help me lean out. I got to a point where it was doing me no good and only leaving me frustrated.


I remember being so flipping overwhelmed at the thought of stepping on the scale…

Especially since I was doing ALL THE THINGS to see results but I wasn’t seeing a damn thing! It was a fricking vicious cycle…a rollercoaster of BS!





Have you ever been on the DIET ROLLERCOASTER?

Maybe you know the feeling?

  • Start your diet with every intent to FINALLY lose those last 10 pounds or so…
  • Restrict the “non-diet” foods and then realize you are more hungry than usual…
  • “Fall off the wagon” because you are craving things you haven’t had in a million years but it’s NOT on the diet…
  • Give in to the cravings and then feel guilty and hate yourself…
  • Every time you diet, you ended up gaining more weight than you lost. Your “starting” weight keeps going up.

I FEEL YOU!! This rollercoaster SUCKS!! I’ve been there and done that and realized SOMETHING needed to change…





Yep, you read that correctly…

I was so tired of being obsessed with calories and macros and the weighing and measuring!! I was completely exhausted needing to know what number was on the scale so I could decide what I was “allowed” to eat that day. I was sick of linking my self-worth to the size of my jeans.

So I decided to do something absolutely insane:

I stopped dieting…Completely.

I’m about to reveal some top secret information on HOW I stopped dieting and what happened to my body…

I’m about to tell you my story and how YOU can stop dieting and get off this crazy rollercoaster!!

I had to stop pretending another diet was the answer however, I feared that I’d gain weight and eat ALL THE THINGS if I wasn’t dieting. Well, that did NOT happen.

Here’s how I did it. 

I stopped focusing on the numbers and letting them define or dictate me I swear stepping on that scale in the morning would either make or break my day. I had to STOP that first and foremost.

I started to appreciate my body and what it was capable of. No more obsessing over what I thought I should look like because of some damn picture I saw or some results promised from a diet. I had to really appreciate my body and what it allows me to do each day, some people aren’t that lucky.



I ate when I was hungry. WHAAAT? Yep, no more calorie counting or restricting my eating window. If I was hungry, I ate!! That hunger was telling me something so I gave my body what it wanted, and it did what it was supposed to.

Last, but not least, I QUIT OBSESSING!! It was hard to let go of the diet obsession but I can tell you it was a HUGE weight lifted off of me! No more numbers, counting, measuring, weighing, body shaming or feelings of failure and guilt! WOW!! Even typing that has made me realize how bad it was as I went from one diet to the next.

You’ll never guess what happened when I QUIT DIETING!?!?!

I lost weight!! Not a lot, and at that point that didn’t even matter to me anymore. Now, I gain a little and I lose a little here and there but I don’t freak out like before. It’s no longer about the weight for me. I’ve learned to be happy as I am instead of saying…”I’ll be happy when…( I lose the 10 pounds, I have less fluff in the middle).

I chose my health and state of mind over my weight and what I THOUGHT I should weigh. It has actually lead me to the exact result I was looking for; HAPPINESS, CONFIDENCE, SANITY, COMFORT and NO MORE OBSESSION!!

You should try it sometime!!

I had to let go of a lot of negative thoughts and destructive behaviors along with some mental patterns that I thought was the “only” way to get the results I was looking for. This release has been so worth it to me and I see it often with my clients. It’s an amazing transformation from the inside out!

Final Thoughts

Starting today, I want you to make a commitment to yourself. I want you to be kinder, more loving and accepting and to STOP GOING ON A DIET!! You’ll be amazed at what happens.

If this is something you find yourself getting caught up in, I’d love to have a little chat with you about what steps you can take to get off of this emotional diet rollercoaster. I offer FREE 30 minute discovery calls. Let’s hop on a call and have a little one on one.







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