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The Secret to Healthy Eating

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What is the secret to healthy eating?

People ask me quite often…What’s the secret to healthy eating? I’ve actually got a little know motivator that can do wonders…

Are you finding yourself feeling defeated in the face of seemingly easy to follow WEIGHT LOSS advice, such as eating more vegetables, eat smaller portions, don’t eat when you aren’t hungry, and move more?

Are you searching for the motivation to put all of that together to see results? 

If you’re finding yourself unable to follow the same old “one size fits all” approach and, cheezy bits of advice, you are not alone. 

We all know what we “should be doing” ( or at least that’s what I always hear from my clients) BUT we’re not getting into the nitty-gritty of why you aren’t already doing it. 

The Root of the Problem

I’ve found the little-known motivator (THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM) that can do wonders to boost healthy eating without feeling like you are pulling teeth…




I know for some, this may sound a bit crazy. Seriously though how we view our bodies affects our eating and lifestyle. This, right here, is the root of the problem. Body hating and/or body shaming has a huge effect on how what and how much you eat.

It can be a vicious cycle and quite the emotional rollercoaster when we are constantly “going on” a diet to change the way our body looks. If nothing changes, it seems we dive off the deep end and shame our bodies, feel guilty and as if we have failed.

How’s that for wanting to eat healthy? Why bother? That is seriously what some of us think.




Is it really weight loss?

Is it really weight loss that will make us happy? What if the after picture doesn’t look any different than the before? Is it worth restricting yourself from “bad” foods? How about the emotions that come with it? Does that motivate you to eat healthy? I know for most of my clients, it does not.

Move from body hate to acceptance

When you can reach a place of body acceptance, you feel comfortable with WHO and WHAT you are. You lose the body hate and accept yourself right where you are…even if you’re working towards a better version of yourself. We should always strive for imporvement…from the inside out!

Acknowledge the positive aspects of your body and appreciate it for what it does for you. LOVE and accept all that you are. This type of behavior and thinking leads us far away from the yo-yo dieting and emotional rollercoaster of the diet mentality.

It actually allows you to see food as it is…FOOD! Nourishment, fuel for the body. This way of thinking leads to healthy eating habits.


Working through is and understanding it is going to be NUMBER 1 for you when it comes to realizing you are not defined by a number. Stressing so much over our food and/or weight is not getting us anywhere. In fact, I find that when clients come to me who have been on this path over and over again…they’re not in a place of body acceptance.

Body acceptance is the key to healthy eating and it is definitely different for each individual.





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