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"Melanie helped me with one of my biggest accomplishments which was getting out of my comfort zone and attend her classes. She has helped guide me physically and mentally in the right direction. When I come to her with a problem or if I'm in a slump with my nutrition she takes the time to listen and has helped me come up with a plan. "


"I have worked with Melanie and several of her programs during the last few years. The positives to her programs are that they are not just about another diet fad. She has taught me about thinking of health as a whole body approach and not just a number on my scale. As a result of her programs, I have gained more self confidence, learned healthier options for my food and gained a better understanding of what it means to be healthy. She cares about the individual person and while compassionate also doesn’t allow for excuses to get in the way or get you down. Her groups and courses are helpful and benefit my knowledge of healthier living."


"I would like to thank Melanie from the bottom of my heart for helping me find a part of me that has been lost for quite a while. I joined her Balance 360 program and I was pleasantly surprised with my results. First, I bought a Fitbit and found that even in horrible cold, snowy weather I could do at least 6K steps around the workplace, can't wait to see how many I can get in once weather breaks, I L.O.V.E. her exercises and that I can do some of them right from work!!! No equipment needed and man do you feel it the next day, it's such a good hurt!!! I still use them, especially arms and legs and butt!!! Most importantly, Melanie has helped me with something that has plagued me my whole life....self love, she made my assignment look in the mirror and say one nice thing about yourself everyday and it was hard for me, but got easier as the days went on. I feel much more confident. Another weight on my shoulders was learning to say no, well, after Mel's words of wisdom and her guidance, I now say no when I need to say no!!!! I could go on and on and on about how much Mel has helped me in my mindset physically, mentally and emotionally. THANK YOU MEL!!!! YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION!!! love ya girl and thanks for the book recommendations I can't wait to read them!!! Xo"


"I suffer from IBS, pain in my side and acid reflux. I have been taking a prescription PPI for years. Way too long. But, every time I try and go off of the PPI, symptoms come back with a vengeance. I recently did the Seasonal Gut Reset Program. I have to tell you that even in that short time the pain in my side has subsided and my acid reflux has been minimal to non existent. I had no idea the important role our gut plays in our overall well-being. I will continue with the products and am going to try again to wean myself from the PPI. Thank you Melanie for your advice and direction."


"Prior to meeting Melanie I had self defeating, damaging eating habits. I still can’t explain it but she is helping me see why I might be doing this. Her tip of mindful eating has resonated so strongly with me. I am on vacation and with every meal I remind myself to eat mindfully. Does my body really need this? Now that’s not to say everything I’m eating is perfect but I’ve come a long way in a short time."


"The positive changes that I have seen and still see are that I am enough. I can do it (whatever it is I put my mind to) and that things will be ok. I am now able to see the real person in the mirror and no I didn't lose all the weight I thought I needed to lose but honestly it was the guilt and the fear and the self-doubt that was weighing me down more so than that actual number on the scale. I learned that I am not a quick fix and this is an ongoing process, and I learn something new about myself every day."