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How to Take Massive Action & Achieve Your Goals

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Taking massive action can mean achieving some pretty big goals. I’m sure you’ve had a few goals here and there along your journey called life.

So what does Massive Action Mean?

Massive action means making your goal or the act of accomplishing that goal your duty, obligation, and responsibility. It means taking action until you get the results you want. Taking massive action is not a one and done deal.

Taking massive action means you are taking all the action steps needed, no matter what happens, in order to get to the end goal. You are committed and focused on the end result.



There are actually 2 types of action


Passive action doesn’t actually get you any results and that’s pretty much because there is no actual action tied to it. With this type of action, you are pretty much in the thinking stage. You’re thinking about doing something to reach your goals but you aren’t quite DOING anything just yet.

We can read all the books, take all the classes and consume ALL THE THINGS that we think will get us to our goal but if we do not APPLY these things, we’ll never see the end result.




Massive action is where you apply yourself and where you will start to achieve your goals and have success. This is where you are willing to do whatever it takes even if you KNOW failure is inevitable. Actually, there is no failure when you never give up. Taking massive action will keep you moving forward no matter how many times you may fall on your face.

You roll with the punches and push past obstacles and focus on the end result. This is where you will see results and crush your goals. Massive action has you focused and committed to the end result no matter what. This is where you decide, commit and succeed.

Few people are willing to take the action for fear of failure. I say take that “failure” and learn from it. Let it fuel your fire and keep taking action. Be willing to fall on your face and get back up no matter how many times you fall.



Excuses or Results

In life, you get to make the decisions. When it comes to your goals in life, no matter what they are you can either make excuses and quit and hide OR you can continue to do things again and again until you get the results you want. It’s up to you to decide if you want to be passive or MASSIVE!

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