CIRNA Method Program


Please take a few minutes to fill out the application below. 

Answer all of the questions as completely as possible.


CIRNA Scholarship Application

Are you available during the day for your coaching calls?(Required)
If you are chosen for the scholarship do you promise to give it 110% for the full 6 months?(Required)
This program is a monthly investment of $249. Is that something that you WILL make a priority when it comes to this program(Required)
If you are picked for this scholarship are you willing ( and able) to invest in this program?(Required)

Scholarship Application Terms: 


1. Complete and submit the application by the deadline.  

2. Must be a FEMALE 

3. Be fully committed to the 6-month program and ready to start within the next 10-15 days. 

5. Have available funds to invest in the amount of $249 USD/month for the duration of the 6-month program

6. Commit to following the program as prescribed and submitting the specific component parts on time-based on the deadlines provided. 

7. There are ONLY 2 scholarship spots available.