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Top 10 Reasons You Need a Detox

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10 Reasons You May Need a Detox.

I’m sure you’ve heard the word detox thrown around a few times. If you’ve ever wanted to lose a few pounds, get rid of the bloat, or just reset your body after a weekend of overeating, then you’ve most likely considered doing a detox at some point.

Excess consumption, chronic stress, processed foods, environmental chemicals and so much more burden bodies mentally, emotionally, and physically. A seasonal detox may be of the utmost importance to keep our bodies functioning properly.



What if I told you that your body may need a detox more often than just the moments stated above? Would you recognize the signs and symptoms?

Signs and Symptoms you may need a detox:

  • White or yellow-coated tongue and/or bad breath
  • Fluid retention and/or congested sinuses
  • Allergies
  • Increased belly or visceral fat
  • Cravings and/or blood sugar issues
  • Gallbladder issues or you had it removed
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Overheating/excess sweating
  • Weight loss resistance
  • Acne, rosacea, itchy skin
  • Fatigue unrelieved by more sleep, especially in the morning
  • Moodiness
  • Autoimmune Issues
  • Insomnia or trouble staying asleep
  • Cravings

If you have 3 or more of these signs and symptoms above, I highly recommend looking into the 14 Day Seasonal Detox to help clean things up in your gut.

When done correctly, meaning, in a healthy, safe and controlled environment —getting your body clean and healthy can result in a wide range of positive effects.



Top 10 Reasons You Need a Detox

1. Remove Toxins from the Body

Long-term exposure to toxins affects our metabolism, behavior, immune system, and leads to disease. Toxin build-up can come from the products we use on a daily basis such as hair sprays, household cleaners, shampoos and perfumes and laundry detergent. They can also come from the environment, things in the air, pesticides, and even fertilizers.  These toxins can be stored in tissues and cells throughout the body, including the brain, often for years causing many different health issues.

Therefore, removing these toxins with a seasonal detox will help with keep many different health issues at bay.

2. Prevent Chronic Disease

Most chronic illnesses, diseases, and sicknesses can be traced back to poor bowel health. Poor bowel health translates to a body filled with too many toxins. A detox program can help rid the body of as many toxins as possible to restore the body to optimal health.

Some chronic diseases linked to poor gut health are: (1)

  • Heart Disease
  • Auto Immune
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes (Type 2)
  • Parkinsons
  • Liver Disease

3. Enhance your Immune System Function

Think about how often you have been sick. Is it often? Do you find it difficult to get over something as simple as a common cold? It’spossbile your immune system may be compromised by a toxic gut.

A compromised immune system makes us vulnerable to colds and flu, affecting our quality of life and productivity. Regular detoxing helps strengthen immune system functioning and fights off infection. A safe and proper detox process helps to boost your immune response and cleanse the lymphatic system.

4. Lose Weight

When you detoxify, you eliminate nasty toxins that hold your weight hostage. A healthy detox is a great kick start to help get rid of excess weight. The average weight loss over the 14-day detox has been 8 pounds.

These toxins affect the body’s natural ability to burn fat, therefore, leading to weight gain. Diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure are directly linked to weight issues.  A detox will help rid the body of toxins stored in fat cells and increases metabolism.




5. Slow Down Premature Aging

A good healthy detoxification is known to slow the aging process by slowing the rate of cellular decay. A detox rids the body of free radicals and heavy metals partially responsible for aging. Detoxing helps to increase nutrient absorption, including antioxidants and vitamins that help fight oxidative stress

6. Improve Quality of Life

Let’s face it when our bodies are full of “junk” they don’t function properly. We may have joint pain, headaches, digestive disorders, sleep problems, and lack of energy. Depression may be eased and memory may be improved as a result of detoxification!

7. Increase Energy

Many of my clients that have done this 14-day detox have seen better sleep and wake up feeling well rested, therefore, leaving them with a bit more energy to face the day. You will have more mental, physical, and emotional energy after this detox.

This means better quality sleep. When you have more energy during the day, you sleep better at night. Detoxing your body will give you more energy, without the toxins in your body, you process foods better.

8. Improve Skin Quality

The day to day toxins we take in also come in AND out through our skin.  A lot of clients have seen their skin issues clear up with the detox. Less acne and rosacea and even psoriasis have cleared up.

Detoxing improves acne, and strengthens hair and nails, and gives your skin a more natural, healthy glow.

9. Mental and Emotional Clarity

Some of my clients have seen an emotional detox of sorts. When you participate in a routine detox you are healthier. When you are healthier you think more clearly.

A seasonal detox will help your body’s systems work in sync. When the body’s systems are in sync, a shift also occurs in our mental and emotional states. We can deal with more when we’re clear and grounded. We can make better decisions, analyze accurately, and see things differently. There isn’t that feeling of overwhelm or anxiety lingering.


balance rocks; detox


10. Restore and Balance Your Body’s Systems

Detoxing on a regular basis improves your overall vitamin, mineral,  metabolism and hormonal balance.

Our digestive, nervous, and hormonal systems were designed to work together as a team to achieve optimum health. This is what our bodies want to do! When we overload them with toxins and unhealthy foods, these systems don’t work as well as they should and we get sick.

Detoxing brings balance back and helps our systems function properly again. When we give our bodies what they need, they work as they are supposed to.

Final Thoughts

I know you may have heard that some detoxes are quite the controversial subject, there is evidence that supports detoxing your body regularly the right foods,  herbs, and water is very beneficial to our overall health and wellness.  According to the National Library of Medicine, detoxes claim to facilitate toxin elimination and weight loss, thereby promoting health and well-being.

Most importantly, fad diets are not a way to detox your body but there are many natural methods that are excellent ways to detox.

Overall, this 14-day detox can have massive health benefits.

Increased energy, reduced cravings and lowered stress levels are just some of the many benefits of a seasonal detox. And remember, the mark of a truly successful detox is that you are set on the path of positive and long-term change.

To find out more about our seasonal detox, click the image below


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