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Quitting is NOT an Option

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Quitting is NOT an option my friend. Don’t you dare give up!

People tell me all the time, “I’ve tried this and I’ve tried that and it just didn’t work.” OK, then what? Put the excuses away kids. It’s time to put one foot in front of the other and make a decision to do what it takes.

It’s so much easier to find a reason (EXCUSE) to quit than to find a reason to keep going. We’re tired, stressed, it’s too hard, people will laugh at me, so and so said I couldn’t do it. SERIOUSLY!! What if we told our kids things like this when they started to walk or ride a bike? They’d crawl for their whole lives and ride tri-cycles forever.

How about, instead of coming up with excuses as to why things just don’t work, you find a REASON as to WHY they will work. How about you believe in yourself for once.When you give up and quit so quickly, you are letting go of what could have been. You’ll never know what could have happened if you stuck it out.




What if Michael Jordan gave up? What if Steve Jobs gave up? Bill Gates? Jim Carrey? Thomas Edison? These people NEVER quit, they just found a million ways that it didn’t work and they just kept going. Anything worthwhile takes time, sacrifice and effort.

Here’s a little story about me. You all have heard me talk about my back and the pain I have endured and the journey I have been on for almost a year now to reverse the pain. Do you think I wanted to give up? HELL YES! Do you think I was frustrated? HELL YES!! I wanted it all to go away, I would cry at night laying in the bathtub in pain to find NO relief.

If you remember, about 4 months into my treatment, thing were going great and I was feeling no pain only to get a slap in the face and have the other side of my back start in and then the pain went down my leg….Long story short, when I had EVERY reason not to believe I would ever be pain free, when pretty much everything was pointing in the direction of surgery, I found a damn way. I didn’t give up! I pushed forward and trusted that I would get through the pain and I put my mind to that end result. I didn’t give up, oh I wanted to believe me.

It’s not always an easy quick fix, it’s not always going to happen over night, it’s not always going to come with out failure. BUT, as long as you have that compelling reason as to WHY you just find a way to keep going. Just know that you may be a lot closer than you think but if you quit, you’ll never know. Your break through may be right around the corner.

We all want that end result but we sometimes forget that it’s a process. We have to let the process shape us before success rewards us.

Quitting is not an option


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