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Epsiode # 185 How Do I Tone My Body?

Epsiode # 185 How Do I Tone My Body?

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I get asked all the time, How can I tone up my Arms? Abs? Booty? Legs? 

Well, I’m coming right out and letting you know that the word TONED is right up there with the new word, SNATCHED!! I’m not a fan of either because they are complete marketing words. 

I’m sure you’re wondering what the heck I am even talking about. I mean they have videos and workouts that tell you you can “tone” these parts of your body…BUT do we even know what that really means? DO we know what actually MUST happen in order to have that “ toned “ look? 

YOU CANNOT SPOT TRAIN a specific area of your body. I know the marketing out there will tell you differently and show you some sort of image that makes you believe you’ll have a snatched waist if you march in place with your ares above your head or something even crazier. The FACT is that your body is the one that decides how and when it oxidizes fat, not their fancy little marketing polys. 

SO how in the world do you get that “look”? MUSCLE!!! Yep!

Now before you go jumping in the Kool-Aid, let me dive into it in this podcast and then you can decide what flavor it is. 

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