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Episode #94: Traditional Dieting Versus Transformational Dieting

Episode #94: Traditional Dieting Versus Transformational Dieting

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In this episode, I’m going to be discussing traditional diets versus transformational diets.

But first, let’s talk about what traditional and transformational really mean when it comes to diets AND what we get out of them…

Traditional: This is pretty much every diet out there. They give you a set of rules that you follow for a specific amount of time and promise a certain outcome.
It’s totally possible to get that outcome BUT what they don’t tell you in traditional diets ( or should I say TEACH you) is that it can be pretty difficult to MAINTAIN those promised results. Almost as if that traditional way is not sustainable long term

With traditional dieting and learning, you are told what to do and how to do it, you only retain about 20% of what you’ve learned and then we seem to “fall off the wagon” because things get hard. Oh, and traditional diets have a 95% failure rate.

Transformational: This is where you see an actual TRANSFORMATION. You gain a sense of understanding and see an actual transformation. One you can maintain for life. You are guided and you actually LEARN the what and the how…you don’t need to be told every step of the way.

A true transformation is when you can see results and sustain them. It starts from the inside out and there is no pass/fail here…you actually LEARN!!
Seems the success rate here is pretty high!!

So now, let’s talk about how these 2 relate to the diet and weight loss world and which one you can benefit from the most when it comes to seeing sustainable results.

Maybe you’re struggling with the control of food in your life and the one and off again diet cycles. Maybe you want to love what you see in the mirror, to stop counting, planning, and controlling food, to stop saying “tomorrow will be better” and “why can’t I get it together?”

Maybe it’s time. Time for you to stop trying to lose weight with a traditional diet and work on a REAL transformation.

Step one is to book a “breakthrough” session with me to uncover why you’re stuck in this struggle, how to end them for good.

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