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Episode #87: Health Coach Chit Chat with Amy Slater

Episode #87: Health Coach Chit Chat with Amy Slater

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Ya know how when you start talking to someone and you just know they have some awesomeness to them and you just have to share their thoughts with the world?

Well, that’s how I felt when I was talking to Amy Slater.

I was originally planning on chatting with Amy to see if we were a good fit to do a podcast together and about 10 minutes into our conversation I said…” I wish we were recording!!”

And there it all started…We just went with it. We talked about all things weight loss, post-baby healing, hormones, and the whole mindset around how women feel about their bodies. It was absolutely awesome and the conversation just kept flowing.

Amy Slater is the mom of two sets of twins. She works with post postpartum moms who are struggling with low energy, imbalanced mood, poor digestion, and low exercise tolerance.

Amy helps moms achieve a sustainable solution to chronic dieting and over or under exercise and bring forever get rid of the fatigue and feelings of frustration that happen when kids are finally getting into a rhythm in school.

Amy’s own health journey brought her to her work after recovering from 15 years of amenorrhea she recovered her fertility, rebalanced her body after being stretched to the max from two twin pregnancies, healed her gut after having H.Pylori and major dysbiosis.

Amy has been a movement coach for over 20 years and holds her practitioner training in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition in addition to a bachelor’s in nutrition and dietetics.

Amy is a Fellow of Applied Functional Science and an Applied Health and Human Performance Specialist.

Her passion for learning and curiosity for all things to support the body from organic gardening to training the fascial system to support the pelvic floor drives her work.

Amy’s goal is to support moms wholly from creating a supportive family environment to finally understanding through functional lab testing why they are feeling stressed, overweight, and exhausted through her Resilient Mama Method.

You can find Amy’s “Busy Mom’s Post Pandemic Support Plan” by clicking HERE!

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