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Episode #71: The Perfect Diet

Episode #71: The Perfect Diet

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In this episode, I’m going to be talking about the perfect diet…Does one even exist?
Yes, yes it does.

The perfect diet IS out there, but not in the way that you think.

Truthbomb: There is no one perfect diet that works for every single person on this entire planet. That’s impossible.

Each person has a different set of nutritional requirements to keep them healthy.
Many diets just barely sustain you or keep you alive. That doesn’t mean that they are good for you long term.

Your perfect diet should not just keep you alive, it should help you thrive. It should give you the best possible intake of nutrients to allow your body to be as healthy as it can be…It should be BALANCED!!

So what does the perfect diet look like?

I’m bringing you 5 simple guidelines for finding your perfect diet…if you follow these simple guidelines to eating and thinking about food, better health is a few bites away.

Your diet should be balanced, enjoyable, sustainable, adequate, and maintainable…and most of all, it should keep you sane and not obsessing over the numbers.

Let’s talk a bit more about these 5 simple guidelines.


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Hey there, I'm Melanie. I help women DITCH THE DIET MENTALITY and reclaim their health through mindful eating, hormone balancing, stress management, and digestive healing.

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