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Episode # 195 Do You Need to Adjust Your Weight Loss Expectations?

Episode # 195 Do You Need to Adjust Your Weight Loss Expectations?

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Not getting the results you think you should be getting form your weight loss program? Somehow, we think if the scale isn’t moving, we are failing at what we are doing. Hmmmm, is that really the case? 

We somehow think if the scale isn’t saying what we want it to say, we think nothing is happening and you’re just wasting your time. Why is it that we only celebrate the weight loss or the number on the scale or our pants going down? 

I get it, you’re in a calorie deficit, you are increasing your protein and you’re adding in more workouts…BUT you’re not seeing any changes. Is it possible that you are setting up your expectations for yourself that are just unreal? SUSTAINABLE FAT LOSS takes time and patience. 

We are expecting a result that we’re not seeing and I get that it can be so frustrating. 

I think it’s time we look in other places for a result OTHER than the number on the scale. 

STOP looking for results based on the scale numbers! If you have started moving your body and eating in a healthier way..YOU are already seeing results, you may just have to open your eyes up to something other than that damn number!! 

Patience and CONSISTENCY are key!! 

Take the focus away from the number on the scale and lowering your calories to 1200!! Start focusing on how you FEEL!! Look at the data over time ( months) Check yourself and be honest..are you REALLY being consistent? How many times a week are you eating out? Are you prioritizing protein? Are you moving throughout the day ( outside of your workouts)? 




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