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Episode #137: What’s in a Before and After Photo…are we living for the compliments??

Episode #137: What’s in a Before and After Photo…are we living for the compliments??

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If you have followed me even for a millisecond, you know how I feel about before and after photos when it comes to weight loss.

I get the whole, “ I use it to keep track” BUT AT WHAT COST??

In this episode, I’m about to tell you what it cost me and many of my clients. NO ONE, I mean NO ONE tells you what goes on in the AFTER, AFTER part of it all. No worries, I’ve got that covered.

No one talks about how we LOVE the compliments and then FEAR gaining a single pound back…I’m about to fill you in on a little bit of my story right there along with a few that my clients have shared with me. You’ll soon find out WHY the compliments may not be what they are cracked up to be!!

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