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Episode #123: Lose the Weight By Spring Break

Episode #123: Lose the Weight By Spring Break

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(Losing weight quickly is impressive, it shows you are motivated and have a timed goal…ACTUALLY KEEPING THE WEIGHT Off is what is the true impressive part shows that you’ve learned that making healthy choices is NOT just about being motivated for a specific event)

In this episode I’m going to dive right in and let ya know what a crock this all is and what we keep doing to our bodies each time we fall for the “lose weight quickly” bit these companies put out there.

I get it, you have a special event coming up and you’re googling “how to lose weight quickly and safely by “such and such day”

Fitness plans promising fast results become pretty appealing as the warmer weather approaches. You must understand, however, that a large portion of these weight-loss regimens are risky. They’re also unreliable, especially if you’re expecting long-term results.

Your health should always be your number one priority. Any diet or routine that puts your health at unnecessary risk is not worth your time.

If you’re going on vacation in a month and want to lose 10 lbs you’re super motivated because you want to look good in vacation pics.

So you work out 6x a week, eat 1200 caloriess and lose weight. AT WHAT COST???

Great, right?

Well, that depends…

If you come home and go back to your regular lifestyle and put the 10 lbs back on, that just shows that you’re only really interested in losing the weight while you’re motivated to do so.

It doesn’t prove that you made any real changes.

So if you want to go up and down like this, losing weight before an event and then gaining it back then fine. Continue as is.

If you want to lose weight and KEEP it off, well then you’ve got to abandon the need for motivation.

There’s no reason to go jumping into a drastic – and potentially harmful – fitness regimen

It’s really just sticking to simple, healthy habits that will allow for this mindset shift.

Once you make the right choices without agonizing over your decision you’ll see the results you want and won’t have to worry about ever gaining the weight back.

No, this isn’t easy.

But acknowledging that you have to swap your old habits for new, healthy ones is the first step.

You don’t have to do them all at once. One new habit at a time…and they have to come as easy as changing your underwear or they won’t stick!

One at a time is great. Over time you won’t need motivation to work out or to make healthy eating decisions. They will be ingrained in you.

So stop relying on motivation. Build up the right habits. It will make all the difference

If you need some help and you’re not sure where to start, feel free to send me a DM, and we can see if I can help

I also mentioned a previous podcast where I talked about dieting’s side effects. You can click HERE to listen to that episode.

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