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Episode #110: Losing Weight Does NOT Necessarily Make You Healthier

Episode #110: Losing Weight Does NOT Necessarily Make You Healthier

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In this episode, I’m dropping a few ore truth bombs on the whole wieght loss world. If you listened to my last podcast, I dropped a “few” facts and statistics on the sad things that weight loss is doing to us as a whole. I figured I’d keep going and let you know that losing weight does not necessarily make you healthier.

Oh wait! What now? I know that a lot of us have been told, by our doctor, to lose weight because of A, B, or C numbers being high. Well, losing weight doesn’t actually improve health biomarkers such as blood pressure, fasting glucose, or triglyceride levels for most people.

SO, with that being said..Did you know that you CAN actually lower those numbers WITHOUT going on a diet and losing weight? When we go on these crazy diets we do whatever it takes to lose the weight…BUT are we doing it in a healthy manner? Most times, the answer to that question is NO!

I go into detail as to WHY weight loss doesn’t equal health and talk a bit about WHAT you actually need to do in order to lose weight in a healthy manner ( if that is your goal)

I’ve had clients come to me after losing 20-30 pounds and they go to the doctor and find out their numbers are even higher than they were prior to dieting. But, hey, that number on the scale is lower and the doctor just said “you need to lose weight”.

There’s a missing piece here that no one is talking about when it comes to weight loss and REAL health and I’m bringing it in this podcast.

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