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Episode #108: Healthy Weight Loss -vs- Unhealthy Weight Loss

Episode #108: Healthy Weight Loss -vs- Unhealthy Weight Loss

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It seems so many are out to lose weight for one reason or another these days…BUT What many people don’t realize is that there are really only two ways to lose weight : healthy vs. unhealthy weight loss.

With countless products, programs, diets, and regimens being flaunted as a magic bullet to weight loss, it is tempting to jump on one of them just to lose the weight. But the sad reality is, many of these approaches only deliver dramatic unhealthy weight loss results that are hard to maintain.

This is exactly what I’ll be talking about in this episode.

Things like”

What is UNHEALTHY weight loss? Do we really know or understand? An unhealthy weight loss plan pushes you to lose a lot of weight quickly.

What unhealthy weight loss approaches do to your overall health and metabolism.
And, most importantly…what HEALTHY weight loss really is.

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