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Episode #106: Are You a Self-Sabotager?

Episode #106: Are You a Self-Sabotager?

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In this episode, I’m talking about how we actually are self-sabotaging our own weight loss effort AND how it’s possible we are allowing others to do the same. I’m also giving a few awesome tips on how to overcome these struggles so it doesn’t happen anymore. 

The first step to most recovery ( and YES, dieting and struggling with weight for more than half your life requires a recovery process) is admitting there is an issue…the issue is SELF-SABOTAGE and we may not even recognize it. 

Check it out: 

Have you ever gotten to a point in your weight loss journey when things are moving along nicely, you have lost a bit of weight and are so close to hitting your ideal goal weight, and then “something” happens… you revert back to your old eating habits. 

Ya know… “I am good during the day, but at night I start grazing and picking, and then tell myself I will start again tomorrow.” 


“I had a bad eating day, might as well quit.” 

For some, it may be a quick return to old eating behaviors, for others, it is a slow gradual reoccurrence. Then you feel so disappointed and frustrated regarding your inability to lose weight yet again, so you decide to give up.


Ever felt this way? If this is you, just know you are not alone. BUT…WHY does this happen time and time again you might ask? 


Self-sabotage is when you destroy your own ability to achieve your weight loss goals by working toward your weight loss goal and then somehow retracting from it. 

There are several reasons why this may be happening and I’m about to dive right into them and give you a few tips and pointers to work through them…Let’s chat a bit more. 

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