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Episode # 103: Why I Hate the Diet Industry

Episode # 103: Why I Hate the Diet Industry

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I’m bringing it in this episode…the gloves are off!

I’m about to lay it all out there on why I despise the diet and weight loss industry.

Let’s face it, we’ve all fallen prey to their false promises. I used to promote the BS and all it did was ruin me and I saw the same demise happen with a LOT of my clients.

So I’m giving you my top 3 reasons ( when I could probably go into about 487 million) as to why I hate the diet industry.

  1. They are constantly jamming their BS down your throat, it’s everywhere you look…if you lose weight, you’ll be more worthy or you’ll be more socially accepted…ohhhh that one gets me. The thought process we have adopted when it comes to this one REALLY grinds my gears.
  2. They take advantage of us when we are most vulnerable. They know what’s up and they will be right there reminding you..ya know like right after the holidays?!?! There they are everywhere you turn, in every shop, there is a book or DVD or magazine encouraging you to lose weight. But it’s not just suggesting you might want to lose weight. It’s telling you you SHOULD want to lose weight “because we overdid it this holiday season”!
  3. My biggest worry and beef I have with the weight loss industry is what it is doing to the younger generation. THIS MUST STOP! This is such a jacked-up message that is being sent out to our children and they deserve better!!

I cannot confirm or deny that I dropped a few F-bombs (you’ve been warned)…BUT I can guarantee that the TRUTH-BOMBS will be dropped left and right!

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Hey there, I'm Melanie. I help women DITCH THE DIET MENTALITY and reclaim their health through mindful eating, hormone balancing, stress management, and digestive healing.

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