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Episode #50: 4 Reasons WHY I Do Not Give Out Meal Plans to My Clients

Episode #50: 4 Reasons WHY I Do Not Give Out Meal Plans to My Clients

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I do NOT give my clients meal plans. I have multiple reasons WHY but, in this episode, I’m going to discuss the 4 I feel are most important and why.

I know many people just want to be told what to eat, how much and when but what happens when the meal plans are done? What have you learned about nutrition?

How does one succeed with weight loss without a meal plan?

Let me just answer that loosely: Because everyone knows how to lose weight short-term. Eat less, and exercise more…OR is it the answer?

The problem is nobody knows what to do when they get to the promised land! What happens AFTER the meal plans are done with and you reach your goal? How do you maintain?

I don’t do the DIET MENTALITY so let’s dive into the 4 reasons and WHY:

* Meal Plans Don’t Work
* Meal Plans are Too Strict
* Meal Plans Don’t Teach You Anything
* Meal Plans Make Eating the “BAD” Foods Feel Like Punishment

THIS is exactly WHY I hate giving out meal plans. So WHAT does work? Listen to the podcast and you’ll find out…it’s not what you might think either.

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