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Episode #30: 4 Hidden Reasons WHY Your Diet May Not Be Working

Episode #30: 4 Hidden Reasons WHY Your Diet May Not Be Working

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We all start our diets with good intentions. Maybe we want to drop a few pounds for the summer, or a special event. It’s possible the doctor had told you that you are a bit overweight. Maybe you just want to look good in the mirror and tone up a bit.

We all know the drill when it comes to dieting. We get all ready to go and geared up with our new “going on a diet” toys. The water bottle, the new workout clothes, our scale that measures our body fat along with our weight and our new shiny scale to measure our food. You think you’re making all the right moves, so why aren’t the pounds melting off? You might be making these 4 crucial mistakes…without even really knowing it.

In this episode, I’ll be discussing 4 crucial mistakes you may be making, without even knowing it…things like:

  • Are you eating enough
  • Are you doing the right diet
  • Are you counting the numbers right
  • Are you doing something sustainable
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Hey there, I'm Melanie. I help women DITCH THE DIET MENTALITY and reclaim their health through mindful eating, hormone balancing, stress management, and digestive healing.

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