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Episode # 17: How to feel better about your body image

Episode # 17: How to feel better about your body image

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Are you one of the 96% of women who struggle with body image, weight, self-esteem, and exercise? That number kind of makes me sad.

Would you like to feel better about your body image and LOVE the body you have?
Do you feel that no matter what you do or what you wear, there is always SOMETHING you don’t like about yourself?

In this episode, I dive a little deeper into my story and how I struggled with body image. I talk about some of the old habits that I had to break in order to improve the way I felt about my body and how you can do the same.

I give some great tips on HOW you too can feel better about your body image.
* Start with a loving mindset
* Speak kindly to yourself
* Start from the inside out

It took me a while to figure this out. I had to break some hard habits and make new ones…and I’m giving you all the details inside this podcast!!


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