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Episode # 197 I Hate How I Look in Pictures

Episode # 197 I Hate How I Look in Pictures

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Pictures are really tough, especially when struggling with negative body image. I remember avoiding pictures, hiding behind others, and staring at old photos of myself for hours and thinking,WTF? “Is that what I really look like?” I think to myself.

There was a picture from my parents 25th wedding anniversary party that hit me head. I tore it up and threw it in the garbage as soon as I saw it. 

It sucks to feel this way and miss out of saving memories. It sucks even more to not feel comfortable or confident in your body, spending HOURS to get ready, only to leave the house more self conscious than before. It makes sense you are feeling this way when we are living in a society of “picture perfection” with photoshop, and filters. We are constantly hit with pictures of “pretty people” on social media – how could you not compare yourself?

Your weight and body are not the problem – it’s the idea that you need to love and look “perfect” in every picture you take. You deserve and CAN feel comfortable and confident in your body and pictures – at any weight or size.

We are our own worst enemies. Self-judgement is REAL!!

We may scrutinize our perceived flaws or focus on aspects that we are insecure about. The act of being photographed can also make us more aware of our appearance, leading to heightened self-awareness and self-criticism. Ever ZOOOOM way in to different parts of your body and just tear yourself apart? 

When we see a picture of ourselves — and are in a struggle with body image — we only see ourselves in one dimension, physically. We mentally block out the people smiling around (or at) us. We forget how the photo symbolizes the fun we had. In fact, we don’t even notice the magnificence of the location. Instead, we zoom the lens of our own eyes onto our bodies. Soon, nothing else matters.

A body is all we see–a flat, one-dimensional object we can choose to critique like a teacher looking for wrong answers on a test. Circle those flabby arms with red ink! Oh, add those bags under my eyes, more points deducted for imperfection! We dehumanize ourselves. The truth is, we scold ourselves for not looking less human.

That’s definitely a great way to boost self-esteem.

CLEARLY, I’m joking, but I’m sure some of you know what I’m talking about. 

Overanalyzing yourself in pictures can easily turn into a rabbit hole. 

Why not try to shift the focus to experiences and relationships: Instead of solely focusing on your appearance in pictures, shift your attention to the experiences and relationships captured in those moments. Value the memories, emotions, and connections associated with the picture rather than solely critiquing your physical appearance.

It’s important to remember that our perception of ourselves can be influenced by various subjective factors, and self-criticism based on pictures may not always reflect an accurate or objective view of our appearance. Developing self-acceptance and focusing on the qualities and attributes that extend beyond physical appearance can help cultivate a more positive self-image.


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